Lamps & Lighting Solutions                                                                         
QHS is proud to unveil our line of lamps.  Initially offering table lamps that are beautiful, hand made, and truly one of a kind, they look equally as stunning in daylight or back-lit at night.  They stand around 14" high by 6" wide.  We utilize the same nature-filled recycled material for the shade as we do in all our current products.  In addition we use an earth-friendly wood stain, and we ship all our lamps with energy-efficient florescent light bulbs.  As with all our products, you can custom order the size of your lamp and the color of stain for the base to meet your needs.


                                                                                                Table Lamp -Gingko Thatch


                                                                        Table Lamp -Bear Grass

                                                                           Table Lamp -Sonoma

                                                                                                                      Table Lamp -Bamboo Rings



                                                                                                                                                               Inside View

Other Lighting Solutions:
We can create custom panels for drop lighting, replacing those old dated-looking fluorescent lights.  These are an easy and cost-effective way to update your home in modern and environmentally-conscious style.  Most require no tools to i
nstall and can be changed in seconds!  Simply send us the measurements of your existing panel, then we will cut your beautiful new one to size and ship it to you. The new panels look great backlit at night and during the day. We have many patterns to choose from. Please contact us with your needs.

Easy and beautiful, ceiling panels. ~Cottonwood Heights, Utah

                                                                                 Ginko Thach (see Custom order page for more photos)

                                                                                                                               Ting Ting pattern